Landscape Photography- Don't forget to enjoy the Landscape!

If you are like me when out taking photos, generally you will be running and racing trying to find the right composition before the sun sets/rises. This is wrong, do not do this! and in recent years i have gotten better. 

I have learned to plan my shots more so i know what i am going shooting, as well as checking the time of sunrise/sunset plus what direction it will set/rise in (photopills app).

However, one thing i often forget to do in the midst of all the planning, shooting, angles, filters, hoods etc is to actually just enjoy the landscape. There has been so many times when i have done a shoot at sunset, got my shots, packed up and went back to the car. Then when driving home i'm thinking i didn't even sit back and watch the sunset. Is that possible? You photographed the sunset but did not watch it? Yes it's possible and i have done it countless times. 

So enjoy being out, enjoy the landscape and don't rush around with the camera just to get a shot and pack up and go after you taking the time to travel to the location and make the effort to find a nice spot. 

Short little rant. 

Talk soon.